Hi! My name’s Hilary, and I’m a Melbourne-based writer, copywriter and editor. You have landed on my website because you either consulted the internet oracle named Google or got a personal referral. You are also probably completely awesome, and most likely very good-looking.

I’ve been working with words since I graduated from my B. Arts (Hons) in 2008. I’ve written extensively for print and digital formats including magazines, brochures, billboards and apps. From daily horoscopes to property campaigns, press releases to political columns, my writing has appeared in multiple shapes and forms.

As a writer, my work has appeared on Books+Publishing, Broadsheet, BuzzFeed, Concrete Playground, Crikey, Forbes, Junkee, Mamamia, Quickflix, Readings, SPOOK, Time Out, The Urban List and Women’s Health & Fitness. It often covers books, food, drink, politics, travel, lifestyle and the arts.

As a copywriter, I’ve worked across property campaigns, theatre brochures, retail promotions, education brochures, business publications, blog content, brand identity, social media strategy and arts grant applications. My clients have included Beauro AppBeinart GalleryBrands ExclusiveDDG Digital, Digital360Fabio Ongarato DesigniBuildNewMalthouse Theatre, Melbourne Convention BureauRMIT UniversitySkinnyMintTess Follett PhotographyThe Fox Darkroom and The Jacky Winter Group. I can write in a corporate or a conversational style, and I can do both equally well.

As an editor, I have worked collaboratively with writers such as children’s book author/illustrator Ben Sanders on structural edits and copy edits to their manuscripts, as well as on print publications for Beinart Publishing and RMIT English Worldwide.

If you’ve read this far down the page, you’re probably wondering two things: how can I help you, and is there somewhere nearby to get a snack? The answer to your first question is, well, it depends! I’d love to chat about your project over Skype, coffee or email. Whether you have a feature article that needs a writer, a marketing campaign that needs a copywriter, or a piece of writing that would benefit from a good thorough proofread, please drop me a line, including as much detail as possible about your deadlines and deliverables.

And as for that snack… if you’re based in Melbourne, I recommend having a look through my restaurant and cafe reviews for The Urban List. Stick around and check out the rest of my portfolio while you’re there. I’m proud of my work, I’m proud of my clients, and I’m proud of the words I’ve brought into the world.

When I’m not working as a writer, copywriter and editor, I work part-time as a Content Editor at Blogger Sidekick and host events at Readings Books. I also run a Freelance Writers Support Group on Facebook. In my spare time, I like running really, really ridiculously long distances (an international marathon is next on my bucket list), playing seven-letter words in Scrabble and talking energetically about books.

Come hang with me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter or read my FAQ section here.


Hilary Simmons Copywriter