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About me

I believe effective copywriting gets straight to the point.

So I will, too. I like to write copy that intrigues. That inspires. And that doesn’t make anyone cringe.

I started off my career writing horoscopes – and yep, I made them up completely.

After freelancing as a copywriter, journalist and editor for five years, I took my side-hustle fulltime in 2015.

These days, I develop strategy-powered words for websites, brand campaigns, marketing communications and print advertising.

I’m a creative thinker who’s hardwired to distil complex ideas into compelling copy.

I love a challenge, I love a pun, and I’m never short on original ideas.

Whether you’re a small brand, large organisation, creative agency or design studio, I can help you find the right words to get your audience’s attention.

Some of the services I offer

Website copywriting

Many websites try too hard to sound clever, falling back on jargon or hyperbole to sell their brand, product or services. Good website copywriting is really, really direct. It uses language real people understand.

Content marketing

Some typical forms of content marketing include creating blogs, email campaigns, and social media updates. Its goal is to keep your brand relevant and competitive while building your online engagement.

Marketing campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns stick in your head, win your heart, and leave you admiring how beautifully crafted their message is. No sleaze or sales con required. Just great copy that works.

Brand voice guidelines

A strong brand voice is what helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Creating a killer brand voice and style guide to use across all communications ensures your messaging is memorable and consistent.