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The redevelopment of an early 20th-century Nuttelex factory into a 7-storey office tower deserves another round of applause.

I partnered with Grenade Studio on the creative concept and brand campaign for Encore, a seven-storey office tower set within a heritage-listed warehouse and former recording studio. I wrote two sales brochures, Artfully Appointed (left) and Principal Points (below), to convey the strong architectural vision, sustainability features and urban integration of the building.

The site had a beautiful existing brick heritage façade, so the name ‘Encore’ carried a nuanced significance.

The Artfully Appointed brochure explores Encore’s award-winning architecture and Cremorne’s transformation from an industrial hub into a white-collar haven. The Principal Points brochure emphasises the building’s flexible and dynamic construction and how the design lends itself to a thoroughly modern way of working.