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As a freelance journalist for Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine, I pitched, wrote and edited articles about health, nutrition, beauty and fitness for readers who wanted to look great, feel strong, and reap the benefits of a healthy and happy lifestyle. I interviewed nutritionists, dieticians and other industry experts to develop engaging feature articles that offered a new spin on popular health or fitness trends. I incorporated case studies and up-to-the-minute research in my articles, as well as interesting facts about health, nutrition, wellbeing and exercise.


The Caveman Diet (March issue, 2018)


Swipe Culture (February issue, 2018)


Spread Yourself Slim (February issue, 2018)


Train Your Brain (January issue, 2018)


Back to Meditation Basics (January issue, 2018)


Mindful Eating 101 (December issue, 2017)


Sun Sense (November issue, 2017)


The New Sex Ed (November issue, 2017)


Talking PMS (October issue, 2017)


Stress Head (October issue, 2017)


Fat Vs. Sugar (September issue, 2017)


Eat To Train (September issue, 2017)


The Good Egg (August issue, 2017)


Smart Superfood Swaps (July issue, 2017)