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As a freelance copywriter, I have created several successful marketing and branding campaigns for Fabio Ongarato Design. Initially, I was commissioned by Fabio Ongarato Design to write the marketing brochure for a boutique residential property development called Lindsay Brighton. Through detailed storytelling, I documented each chapter of the Lindsay story (History, Inspiration, Architects and Process) and created introductory, summary and foundation texts for online, print and featured editorial. I worked closely with the Senior Account Manager and Design Director to create key headline statements for indicative advertising, social media ROI, email marketing newsletters, and other marketing collateral including team bios and press releases.


View the full Lindsay Brighton marketing brochure


View the condensed-for-web Lindsay Brighton marketing brochure








I was then commissioned by Studio Ongarato to write two different marketing brochures for a boutique residential property development called Rockley Gardens. My brief for the first brochure was to creatively position Rockley Gardens as a highly desirable, well-connected and one-of-a-kind residential address. I developed a series of 15 tongue-in-cheek illustrated storylines depicting life at Rockley Gardens and within the surrounding neighbourhood of South Yarra. I worked closely with the Account Manager and Design Director to create introductory, summary and foundation texts to complement my quirky storylines as well as key headline statements for indicative advertising, social media ROI, email marketing newsletters, and hoarding.


View the first Rockley Gardens sales brochure or view examples of the storylines below



































For the second marketing brochure, I focused on the unique selling points and design attributes of Rockley Gardens. I wrote highly targeted copy about its architecture, interiors, gardens, history and location, and developed key marketing communications for use across print and digital marketing collateral. I ensured all copy complemented the existing brand narrative of the previous brochure and worked closely with the Senior Account Manager on additional copy to describe the lobby artwork and artist, retail tenancies, on-site parking and surrounding parklands. The second marketing brochure was not digitised as a PDF, however, you can view condensed pages here or below.


Rockley Gardens: Welcome


Rockley Gardens: Architecture


Rockley Gardens: Features


Rockley Gardens: Interiors


Rockley Gardens: Location


Rockley Gardens: Team


Rockley Gardens: Register


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