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I was recruited by national mental health charity SANE Australia for a three-month contact as a Media Advisor. In this role, I managed the day-to-day activity of SANE’s StigmaWatch program, which promotes responsible reporting of mental illness and suicide in the Australian media. I worked closely with Mindframe Media and the Australian Press Council to ensure that the quality of reporting and portrayal of both suicide and mental illness was sensitive and responsible. This involved working directly with media outlets and building a collaborative relationship with the StigmaWatch community to understand how coverage that stigmatises mental illness or irresponsibly reports suicide can impact people’s lives. As well as managing StigmaWatch‘s reports and campaigns, I also prepared content for SANE’s website including marketing materials, printed materials and social media strategy.

As a result of my success in this role, I built an ongoing relationship with SANE Australia, and regularly freelance for them as a digital content producer and social media strategist. I write, edit and proofread a wide range of communications – from detailed fact sheets and guides on mental health, mental illness and suicide-related issues to promotional content for the SANE Blog, Media Centre, community forums and social media channels.

Below is a range of content that I have written, edited or helped develop.


Media releases


Anne Deveson Research Centre launched to better understand and meet needs of Australians affected by complex mental illness (26/11/2018)

Online support services crucial for those living with mental illness in rural and regional communities (8/10/2018)

Increase in suicide rate puts us back to where we were two years ago, highlighting more work needs to be done (26/09/2018)

Australian-first research will examine how people with complex mental illness experience stigma and discrimination (02/08/2018)

New discussion paper looks at the role of mental illness in suicide prevention (23/07/2018)

SANE Australia and The Dax Centre merge to reduce stigma (04/06/2018)

Osher Günsberg calls for top song that’s impacted your mental health (15/2/18)

Research examines impact of supporting someone who has attempted suicide (24/01/2018)


Fact sheets and guides


Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

BPD: what does recovery look like?

Perinatal mental illness

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Do stressful events trigger OCD symptoms?

BPD: focussing on carers’ wellbeing


Website landing pages


National Stigma Report Card

Hocking Fellowship

Careers at SANE

SANE Peer Ambassadors

Blog posts


Five ways to reduce stigma in the workplace

Nine great books about living with mental illness

What is the DSM? Your questions answered

How to connect when you feel alone

SANE’s Cameron on How ‘Mad’ Are You?

Why diagnosing at a distance doesn’t help (and what to do instead)

What you need to know about relapse in bipolar disorder

‘Giving Voice’ to mental illness and trauma

Feeling excluded from a loved one’s recovery journey

You can’t ask that!

Can exercise help manage symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Breaking down the stigma, the final barrier

Behind the scenes: Leonie Newton


StigmaWatch reports


To help raise awareness of SANE’s StigmaWatch program, I resurrected the defunct Stigma Files blog and created a new template for reporting outcomes. I conducted Q&As with the StigmaWatch community to produce content that provided a firsthand insight into why they chose to report to StigmaWatch and how they thought SANE Australia could support media professionals to make informed choices about the language and images they use and the messages they convey when reporting on mental illness and suicide.


Stereotypes can hurt

Mental illness is not a weakness

Limit information on suicide method and location

Scrubbing the ‘glamour’ from suicide deaths

All-too-common problematic terms

The importance of offering crisis information

The tricky topic of euthanasia

Why minimising details matters

Reporting celebrity suicide

Right message, wrong vocabulary

When language counts

StigmaWatcher Q&A with Dean Martin, Research Manager at Black Dog Institute

StigmaWatcher Q&A with Heidi Everett, Lived Experience Advocate