As a copywriting contractor for Digital360, I write SEO-optimised content for a diverse range of clients to tight deadlines and strategic briefs. I use open source software to develop draft copy, SEO tech copy (meta description, title tags and article summaries), and social excerpts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I incorporate business segment core keywords and long-tail business segment keywords into all my copy as well as statistical data, verbal quotes and case studies. I use subheadings, tables, dot points, block quotes and evergreen tactics to break up bulky text, improve audience engagement, and ultimately increase on-site conversions.

I was employed on a freelance basis for Digital360 for six months before being offered a permanent retainer agreement with the agency. On an ad-hoc basis, I work in-house on new web builds. For confidentiality reasons, I can only share certain work in my portfolio. Please contact me to find out more about my involvement with web builds, developing USPs, content ideation and brand strategy.


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