As a freelance book reviewer at Books+Publishing, I write pre-publication reviews of fiction and non-fiction Australian books. I also interview authors, liaise with publishers, and write feature articles about breaking book industry news.


Review: ‘Into the Fire’ (Sonia Orchard, Affirm Press)


Review: ‘The Fragments’ (Toni Jordan, Text)


Review: ‘Staying – A Memoir’ (Jessie Cole, Text)


Review: ‘Little Gods’ (Jenny Ackland, A&U)


Review: ‘The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc’ (Ali Alizadeh, Giramondo)


Heart to heart: Melanie Cheng on ‘Australia Day’


Review: ‘Australia Day’ (Melanie Cheng, Text)


Review: ‘The Last Garden’ (Eva Hornung, Text)


Body of work: Karen Andrews on ‘On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take’


Review: ‘On the Many Shapes Bodies Will Take (Karen Andrews, Miscellaneous Press)


Yearning potential: Lucy Durneen on ‘Wild Gestures’


Review: ‘Wild Gestures’ (Lucy Durneen, MidnightSun)


Review: ‘Loopholes’ (Susan McCreery, Spineless Wonders) 


Review: ‘Family Skeleton’ (Carmel Bird, UWA Publishing)


Hiding in plain sight: Liam Pieper on ‘The Toymaker’


Review: ‘The Toymaker’ (Liam Pieper, Hamish Hamilton)


Review: ‘Truly Madly Guilty’ (Liane Moriarty, Macmillan)


Murder most foul: Emily Maguire on ‘An Isolated Incident’


Review: ‘An Isolated Incident’ (Emily Maguire, Picador)


Review: ‘The Art of Reading’ (Damon Young, MUP)


Bright spark: Alison Whittaker on ‘Lemons in the Chicken Wire’


Review: ‘Lemons in the Chicken Wire’ (Alison Whittaker, Magabala)


Long story short: Jon Steiner on ‘The Last Wilkie’s’


Review: ‘The Last Wilkie’s’ (Jon Steiner, Spineless Wonders)


Review: ‘Prayers of a Secular World’ (ed. by Jordie Albiston & Kevin Brophy, Inkerman & Blunt)


Review: ‘Please Don’t Leave Me Here’ (Tania Chandler, Scribe)


Review: ‘Six Bedrooms’ (Tegan Bennett Daylight, Vintage)


Short and strange – Paddy O’Reilly on ‘Peripheral Vision’


Review: ‘Peripheral Vision’ (Paddy O’Reilly, UQP)


The poet’s market – print sales of poetry titles


Review: ‘Down to the River’ (S J Finn, Sleepers)


Review: ‘Summer’s Gone’ (Charles Hall, Margaret River)


Under the covers: Fiction top picks 2015


Under the covers: Nonfiction top picks 2015


Cool for kids: Publishers’ top children’s and YA titles 2015


Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Awards 2014 winners announced


Review: ‘Hot Little Hands’ (Abigail Ulman, Hamish Hamilton)


The Stella Count: 2013 gender ratios in books pages revealed


Down with dumb – Helen Razer & Bernard Keane on ‘A Short History of Stupid’


Review: ‘A Short History of Stupid’ (Helen Razer & Bernard Keane, A&U)


Competition policy panel recommends review of parallel importation restrictions; ABA, APA respond


Okri wins 2014 Bad Sex in Fiction Award for ‘The Age of Magic’


Your store: Ask Agatha


A decade in dresses – Lorelei Vashti on ‘Dress, Memory’


Apple acquires ‘Pandora for books’


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