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As a part-time Content Editor at Blogger Sidekick, I edit, sub-edit, write and proofread content for digital marketers looking to rapidly grow traffic and build authority with one-of-a-kind content marketing. I mainly work on blogs: this involves going through content that is scheduled for publication and adding catchy headlines, SEO keywords, meta descriptions, backlinks and stock images as well as fact-checking and rewriting any core sections. I also produce content from scratch using interview transcripts and collating material from multiple sources. Websites that I regularly write, edit and sub-edit content for include JeffBullas, MaisonNets, Carousell, Gifted Australia, Florame, Zoomlite and Andy Farquharson.

In addition to this, I write blog posts under my own byline for Blogger Sidekick and FlypChart.


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Below is a selection of blog posts I ghostwrote for Carousell (an Australian version of eBay) as an example of my client-based work.


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