I was contracted by Melbourne design company ByMany to rethink and rewrite the BHP Operating System (BOS) doctrine. The doctrine outlines the philosophy, principles and tools that comprise BHP‘s approach to business management, as codified in the BHP Operating System. It applies to all employees and helps BHP achieve significantly better safety, productivity and shareholder returns.

Outlining the strategy, operating philosophy and principles for decision-making within the BHP Operating System while connecting messaging with existing brand standards and style guidelines, I created a compelling narrative of change about how BOS works and why it’s needed. Cutting the original doctrine down from 20 pages to two and removing all unnecessary jargon and verbiage, I transformed it into a fresh and people-focused document that describes the thinking and behaviours that foster and support a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

As the BOS doctrine is an internal company document, it cannot be viewed online. Please contact me to learn more about my work for BHP.